Creating tomorrow's
learning solutions today

Going to the heart of the matter

Deploying a state-of-the-art solution is great, acquiring and anchoring skills is even better.

This is why, at Qürieux, we mobilise cognitive and behavioural sciences, adaptive learning, and graphic design to create immersive courses that are tailored to your needs.

Exploring the field of possibilities

Being Qürieux is a state of mind that we cultivate every day. Because creativity can be found everywhere, we draw inspiration from many sources: advertising, viral marketing, music, video games, etc.

Paying attention to
the singularity of each project

Because each project is unique, we deploy all the human and technical resources necessary for its success. Because the success of a project depends above all on your eyes lighting up when you discover the first creative ideas, your satisfied smile when you read the learning scenarios, and your warm feedback at the end of each session.

Being well supported by others

A successful project is never built alone. Therefore, to be as close as possible to your expectations and to best address your challenges, we have built up an ecosystem of expert partners over the years.

Adopting a green attitude

Most of our projects are based on a low energy approach. We are therefore attentive to technical and sustainable solutions that respect the environment.

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